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Date: 21 Jan 2018, Sunday

Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Venue: 201, Airawat Building, Baner Road, Amar Apex Lane, Next to Casa 9, Baner

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Yatin has been actively trading and investing in Indian Share markets for 7 Years. He holds a degree in Physics , Economics and Chartered Market Technicians level-II Certification (MTA, NY). It is the stock markets which has given him the freedom to pursue his passion of salsa dancing  Together with his partners he runs a Financial Training Institute Called "Capitalize" which has a single agenda of eliminating ignorance related to financial markets.



“Stock market explained in the most simple way so that even a layman can understand and start investing. Very good teaching methodology has been adopted by Yatin. I definitely recommend everyone to go for his classes and even take investment advise from him. Most of his analysis and predictions are good because for his vast experience and domain knowledge.”


Ashish Rao


“I approached Yatin to break my jinx of understanding the markets. He was brilliant at this and his examples, structure of course are great and easy for any novice to grasp.”


Shrikant Balla


“Yatin is a teacher who makes some complex things about stock market or the analysis pretty easy. His methods are fun. His analogies are hilarious. He makes you comfortable with the jargon of market. I have actively started investing in market. He still offers me a friendly advice when needed. I would love to learn more soon. Maybe derivatives, this time! Thanks Yatin!”


Aneesh Prabhune